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Thank god the boy likes video games!

“My son was bored on Sunday, so a Guild Wars day it was. He vanquished Panjiang Peninsula in Factions, he will be 6 in September. I set him up with a searing flames build and the only help he got from me was I'd hit glowing gaze from time to time.”

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Guild Wars: Factions

Guild Wars: Factions

Release Date: 28/APR/06
Emblem for Ala Muki's Lair

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Ala Muki's Lair

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Dude, I hope you gave the little man a high five for me like I asked!

cause that is hella balls-to-the-wall awesome.
That is SO cool! My daughter is 5 now, but I have high hopes! Gratz to the both of you, and add a high five from my house too!
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